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Glossary of Terms

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Reading, singing or dancing of a specific role for the director to determine casting

The part of the theater where the audience sits

The entire stage portion of the theater building behind the on-stage area

Cast Call
The time when all cast member assemble at the theater in preparation for a performance

Center Stage
The direction on stage toward the center of the stage

The direction on stage toward the audience

Dress Rehearsal
A run-through of the entire show with all cast members and technical support

A group of people working together
A group of characters; as opposed to an individual character or lead role

Holding Space
The backstage area where performers wait between appearances on stage

See "auditorium"

The principal roles or actors playing those roles in a show

Line Leader
A chaperone trained to lead groups of performers from the holding space to the stage wings who makes sure that their group is ready to enter the stage on their cue

Bringing the sets into the theater and installing them for the performance

Taking down the set after the closing performance, loading the truck and possibly unloading the truck at the MYART warehouse. See


All parts of the theater not enclosed by the set

That part of the stage enclosed by the set visible to the audience

A direction given by the Stage Manager for all cast members to be in their opening positions for the beginning of an act


Run Through
An uninterrupted rehearsal of a scene, act or entire play

The drops, platforms, wagons, etc. that provide the background scenery for an act or scene

Showcase Troupe
A group of performers who are MYART’s outreach to the community

Stage Left
The direction to an actor\’s left as he/she stands on stage facing the audience

Stage Right
The direction to an actor\’s right as he/she stands on-stage facing the audience

A direction given by the Stage Manager to change the set for another scene. See "Load out"

Technically these two words are interchangable. However, it is generally accepted in theatrical circles that "theater" refers to the building or room in which a play is performed or a movie is shown. The word "theatre" refers to a dramatic performance such as a play. When you’re sitting in an auditorium watching a play, you’re in a theater watching theatre

The direction on stage away from the audience

Offstage space at the right and left of the acting area

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