What is MYART?

Musical Youth Artist Repertory Theatre (MYART) is a community-based, non-profit, educational organization that provides young people the opportunity to be active participants in the performing arts. MYART supplements education in the performing arts. Though historically underfunded, we believe this to be a vitally important part of any child’s curriculum. Each year MYART presents three main-stage productions with casts of 160 to 300 participants. Multiple leads and large ensemble casts allow all participants to shine. More than 8,000 students have participated in MYART since its inception. The program has been recommended by professionals in the entertainment field as an excellent venue for training in the fine arts, as well as by parents and educators for its ability to teach self-esteem, teamwork and a positive attitude.

Our Mission

MYART builds self-esteem and confidence in children by providing instruction and performance experience in acting, singing, dancing and stage movement. The program is endorsed as an excellent venue for training in the fine arts, by the Theatre Department at California State University, Long Beach, a host of primary and secondary educators, and numerous entertainment professionals.

Organizational Goals

Instill in participants:

An appreciation for live theater
A sense of pride and ownership in the goals they set and the results they create

Every student’s level of self-confidence so they may interact more effectively with others and more richly develop individual creative potential
Individual talents and contributions through successful experiences
An interest in and an understanding of theater as an art form
Teamwork skills

The student’s creative imagination
Communication skills, both verbally and as a listener
Social interactions and group interaction skills
Beauty and laughter, goals and responsibility, choices and tangible results into young lives


Creative abilities of young people in the community

MYART’s Philosophies

  • Be proud of who you are and what you have done. Carry yourself with dignity and pride. You deserve it.
  • 360° of respect. At MYART, actors, staff, parents, volunteers and friends treat each other with respect and care.
  • School grades are important. Keep up your grade point average. Be kind to your teacher.
  • Set a positive example for others. Always be willing to help your fellow actors, while leaving the directing to the directors.
  • Give your best during every workshop and rehearsal. Take a chance. You will never know if you can do it unless you try. Have fun, relax and enjoy. Share your unique self!

Participant Profile

MYART participants range from kindergarten to adult. Our staff embraces diversity and welcomes all interested participants, including the physically challenged, at-risk teens and the learning disabled.

Origins & Future Plans

Dana Hanstein-Hanlen and a board of five volunteers founded MYART in November 1989 with the dream of providing a theater company where every young person who registered would have the opportunity to perform. MYART’s first production, “Annie,” had 97 participants and was performed at Cypress College. Since then MYART has seen great growth and has presented over 70 productions with a repertoire of over 20 shows, including two original productions; The Best Of Broadway, and Alice In Wonderland. MYART plans to add many more productions to their repertoire, with an emphasis on quality family entertainment.

Community Outreach

MYART has given back to the community in many ways, through donations to fine arts programs at Helen Stacey Intermediate School in Huntington Beach and Hill Classical Middle School in Long Beach.

Our scholarship program was established to provide both full sponsorship and work study opportunities to deserving and hard-working limited-income students. In addition, MYART provides complimentary show tickets to low-income families and group homes for children.

MYART’s “Field Trip” matinee performances are aimed at schools, senior citizen groups and long-term care facilities from surrounding communities, providing thousands more discounted tickets every year. More than 20,000 students from 32 California school districts have enjoyed MYART shows.

Project Apple was a MYART after school program which promoted learning and enrichment in the Bellflower School District and at Hawes Elementary School in Huntington Beach.

MYART brings the joy of performance to a broader audience through its Showcase Troupe, which performs at fairs, senior centers, outside venues within the community and school assemblies.

MYART exists to provide “success” experiences, while teaching students how to learn and grow from every situation. MYART’s impact on the community is seen in the positive growth of the people involved in the program. MYART’s ability to supplement fine arts education, and to emphasize creative thought, personal responsibility and self-worth have also made it a valuable asset to the community.